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Hi, welcome to my blog! You will hopefully find out lots of exciting info on the Crow Family.

The 4-Crow's is the blog that tells the day to day operations of the Crow's Nest and the 4 Crow's that live/fly in and out of it constantly! Very fitting for our flittering about in 100 jillion directions during the week! Sports, volunteering, dance, work, social functions, blogging activities, and church are just a few of the many things we participate in! We hope you enjoy the stories of living, laughing, loving and learning from our nest! We also offer reviews/giveaways of items such as books, movies, clothing that we use personally and recommend to our friends and audience.

 About ShaRhonda:

 My love for writing started out in Kindergarten, when I was asked to write down my favorite recipe (of course Mrs. Biles had to write). It goes something like this: Go to Super C (the grocery store in my hometown), get a frozen pizza, take it home, turn on the oven, cook according to directions and then EAT! This was actually published in The Daily Ardmoreite. Trust me, my cooking skills have come a long way since Kindergarten. Blogging is an awesome way to document all the little things that will be forgotten. I hope one day that my children and grandchildren enjoy all of my posts!

I am just a small southern Oklahoma girl, still trying to find my way into the “BIG” city life! I am a God-Fearing stay at home mom. I have two beautiful kids, Braden a senior and Miss K a sixth grader. I have been married to my prince charming now for 13 years. I of course write this blog and am co-founder of the blog The Real Housewives of Oklahoma aka The RHOK which was founded in April 2010. I wrote there for three years as ♥Mrs. Hart♥ before being called to pursue other interests. I am a PTA volunteer, football mom, ballet mom, coach- in and off the bleachers, run a professional kid taxi service to and from practices and events am a self-retired banker, a distributor for Nuskin and a Thirty-One Consultant- oh and am a social media addict!

I was born and raised in Wilson, OK. We used to have a sign that greeted travelers into town, "Wilson, Oklahoma, Hometown of Chuck Norris and 1803 other successful people", of course that was in 1991. When Chuck came to town, I went behind the police lines and was able to ask him questions and got my picture taken w/ him! Jason and I were married in Las Vegas on May 19, 2005. We chose this date because it was Jason's Father's b-day.  I have a brother and sister, and 9 nieces & nephews. My Moma and Daddy (see, I am a southern girl) still live in my hometown.

WE need to update this picture. BAAAAD!

So, how did I get my name? It is true, Daddy picked up a hitchhiker in 1972 while attending M.I.T! (for those of us Okie's we know that's Murray in Tishomingo) Anyway, the hitchhiker was a black girl named ShaRhonda, and now I am forever her namesake....

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