Sunday, October 21, 2018


Time happens. Life happens.

New house.




Who is with me?

Mom Life is real life y'all.

The one thing that I have lost sight of the past year while not blogging is ME. The reason why I write.  Getting my thoughts down on the screen. No this doesn't make me a bad Moma. Because obviously I have been in the moments with my children, but the me outlet of writing it down and expressing my thoughts and feelings on the events is what I have been missing out on.

Braden is now into his almost 4th month as a Senior in high school. Pictures have been taken. Cap & Gown have been purchased. The senior yearbook photo has been picked and even the yearbook has been purchased- have I mentioned before the size of that book? It's literally a coffee table book.
With almost 4000 students in his high school it takes a big book to capture every student, event, organization and activity.

Miss K is now a sixth grader. Currently dreaming of her first middle school dance. Still adjusting to six different teachers and learning when to talk and when not to in school. It's all about makeup, clothes, her phone and friends right now. The way it should be for an 11 year old girl.

Me? I'm still adjusting to the new house. Who knew after living in a house for 14 years that a new house would take some adjusting.  This home is slowly taking shape. Pictures and items are now on the walls, there is still decorating to do. My style has changed a bit with the walls. The pictures that hung before don't fit or go.

Jason is Jason. He works. Comes home. Eats if I cook. Eats if I don't. I'm a little envious of Jason.

Oh and did I forget a family member? Tusk. Yes, our puppy is now ONE! He is MY best friend. Does not leave my side for nothing.

Obviously if you follow me on FB you know a lot of happenings, but FB is not the BLOG.

I promise. I'll be back. Soon. Very soon.