Friday, December 1, 2017

Elf on a Shelf with The 4-Crow's Blog- The Arrival and Week 1

This year the elves were sneaky. The doorbell rang on Thanksgiving night and they were no where to be found. They left a garden flag and ding dong ditched. The search was on. Miss K finally found them upstairs in the entertainment room- YES, we have a new house with an upstairs hence the lack of blogging this year. They hung a "WE'RE BACK" banner, lit the fireplace on the TV and surprised her!
 Day 1 brought them wanting to Black Friday shopping...of course.

Day 2 the elves wanted to make sure the laundry was done. Supervising from that angle might have not been a good idea.

Day 3 Let's Take an Elfie. Too fun. Not sure where Miss K's Elfie went. She takes a LOT!

Day 4 Melting Snowmen. Oklahoma weather is still not Snowman ready.

Day 5. This is new. Woo Hoo. Stairs. Tusk tried to help also. 

Day 6. Jokes. 

Day 7. What is up with all these weird tree landings. 

Day 8. The tree rescue. Evan the little boy we take to school said that fire truck was loud!!

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf? Won't you please grab the elf image above, link up, and play along once a week until December 29th-a little longer for those of you traveling and might have a lingering visitor? You can share seven pictures, a few, or just one of your favorite Elf moments/memories of the week. All you have to do is grab the image and put your blog link in the linkup form that I will provide each week. I look forward to seeing all of the Elf games and fun you are having!

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