Friday, March 4, 2016

OKWB Mini-Con 2016. Don't Miss Next Year. #okwbminicon

One week ago today, I had my bag packed and was ready to take a little overnight trip to Sequoyah State Park. To sleep in a room with a person I had never met in person.  To hang out in my PJ's and karaoke with almost 20 other women, of whom I had only met three in real life. Was I crazy? NOPE. Not by a long shot. You see these 20 are a community of mine. A community that even though I may never had met in person, at some point during the past few years they have let me into their lives through their words. They are bloggers, all but three Oklahoma Women Bloggers. They are writers.

We were all attending the first ever Oklahoma Women Bloggers conference. Search #OkWBMiniCon on all social media sites for more info, pics, and attendees.

Bag packed, ready to go, waiting for my kids to get off the bus so I can give them a hug and kiss. What happens? Life. In walks the 15 year old man-child and his nose is sitting on the side of his face, not the middle. SON, in basketball you block with your hands not your face. A trip to the ER at my scheduled time to leave was in order. Diagnosis, Nose Fracture.
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I walked out of the ER and posted the above on Instagram, then called Miss K and blew her a kiss through the phone. Sometimes a Moma Blogger just has to let the Daddy take on duty.

From my house its only about a 35 minute drive to Oklahoma's Sequoyah State Park. Absolutely beautiful. This is sunrise Saturday morning.

You've heard the saying "big things come in small packages", well in less than 24 hours we heard from six fantabulous speakers who brought tons of information. On Friday night, we heard from creator/founder of The Women Bloggers Stephanie Buckley aka The Park Wife about the importance of community. Then on Saturday we heard from Jackie Wolven about blog branding. Then our fabulous OKWB...

Marisa Mohi, Topic: 10 Reasons I Stopped Reading Your Blog

Allison Griffin at Refunk My Junk, Topic: The Business of Blogging
(Major FanGirling going on. Allison is also a "retired banker". I want to be her when my blog grows up.)

Mari Farthing, Topic: Yes, You are a Writer (Don't Eat the Monkey)

Stephanie Clinton, Topic: Letting Go of Blog Envy

The OKWB admins Stephanie, Marisa and Mari did an outstanding job putting this conference together, I cannot wait until next year's conference. Wanna join me? Wanna be a sponsor? Be sure to follow/join the OKWB. You can contact them here, tell them I sent you!!

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