Saturday, January 9, 2016

Apps that Pay Me $ to Snap a Receipt

Several people have asked me several times to collectively share in a post what apps I use to earn cash back on my everyday purchases.  Since it is the beginning of the year, and I tend to let my $ accumulate on these apps all year long for Christmas spending, I will now share. Now, I am not going to tell you that this doesn't take a little TIME, but then again time is $ in my pocket for odds and ends, a gift card or two, or maybe even an unexpected Black Friday purchase!

So here you go...

Ibotta- When my friends join Ibotta with my referral code and redeem a rebate, they’ll get $10, and I will get $5. This is my second year to use this app and so far my cash back has been a little over $40- I have friends who have earned a LOT more.

There are two easy ways to earn with this app, you can upload a receipt or link a loyalty card, such as Reasors, CVS, or Walgreens.
  1. Download the Ibotta app use my link above, available on iOS and Android. The app is required to submit a receipt. 
  2. Unlock Rebates. Before you go shopping, unlock cash rewards on great products by completing simple tasks. 
  3. Go Shopping. Buy the products you’ve unlocked at any supported store.
  4. Verify Your Purchases. Scan your product barcodes, then submit a photo of your receipt. 
  5. Get Cash. You’ll have the cash deposited into your Ibotta account within 48 hours. Once you get to $20, you can transfer this $ to Paypal or Venmo. If you reach $25 then you can get gift cards at stores like Walmart, Starbucks, or iTunes. 

Checkout 51- check out this how it works here. 
  1. Browse offers and buy products at any store.
  2. Upload your receipt using Checkout 51.
  3. They confirm your purchase and credit your account.
  4. When your account balance reaches $20, you can cash out and they mail you a check. Please see their terms for more details.
SavingStar- This site lets you cash out at $5. And there is almost always a FREEBIE offer. You can save both through stores and online.  I have my Reasors, and CVS cards automatically linked to this app, so when I select my offers and purchase, the savings is added directly to my account. Here's how it works at the store, which is how I use it.
  1. Select offers on web or mobile.
  2. Use card at checkout or take a picture of receipt.
  3. Get cash in your SavingStar account.
Snap by Groupon- This site let's you cash out at $20. It is also a referral app. I get $1.00 if you sign up! 
  1. Download the Snap app at the link above for iPhone or Android. You can also use their website. 
  2. Browse their offers before you shop.
  3. Purchase promoted products at any store.
  4. Snap a photo of your receipt and get cash in your account. Pretty easy. 

Receipt Hog- I have only been using this app since September/October. You don't go shopping for anything specific on this app. You just take a picture of every receipt you get and qualifying purchases earn you coins. After 1800 coins you can cash out for $5 in the form of Paypal or Amazon gift card. There are a few other things like levels and spins, but I will let you read about it at the link above. Basically, the more you shop and submit, the more you earn! 

mobiSave- I just downloaded this one last week. So far I have earned $2.30 on everyday items such as bread, milk, bananas, and detergent. Not bad. It's the same concept as the others. It just is paid IMMEDIATELY to my Paypal. Love this one so far.

  1. Select the offer before you go shopping.
  2. Snap a picture of the receipt when you get home.
  3. Get paid within hours. It looks like the payout will be through Paypal as well. 
Walmart Savings Catcher- if you are not using this app that is specific to Walmart, what are you waiting for? I am a great competitive ad shopper, but I do miss things. I love scanning my Walmart receipts and throwing them in the trash. Then if I need to return something the receipt is right there on the app, plus it pays me back if a lower price is found somewhere else.

So, what $ back apps do you use? Any that I didn't mention above? What I really love about a few of these apps is being able to use my one receipt on all of them. For instance, maybe three of them have an offer on bananas. ChaChing!! 

So, let the $ back earning for the year begin, can't wait to hear how much you get back at the end of the year. 

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Disclosure: I am not being paid by any of these apps to write this post. A few of these apps have referral links which I have included in my post, which earn me $, some will even earn you $ for signing up and using it. SCORE!! If any of these companies want to pay me in the future to write about them...AWESOME!

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