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AtmosFlare™3D Drawing Pen Review #AtmosFlare #Sponsored

'Tis the two weeks of Christmas Break and boredom has officially set in- and we shave less than a week to go until school is back in session. What will I do with the 5  days remaining to keep my sanity in tact besides eat? What will these kids of mine do besides eat, play video games, watch TV, and drive me insane?

Thanks to AtmosFlare™ 3D DRAWING PEN by RedwoodVentures LTD, LLC., who is paying us to test out their latest product before it hits the shelves in January, I can add another activity to our break. Yippee!!

Take a look at the flower pot that Miss K made using the AtmosFlare™ 3D DRAWING PEN.

You may recall last month, I was paid to play with their I DO 3D product. See our review of it here. Honestly, we like the AtomoFlare 3D Pen, so much better. It's more precise and cures while being used versus drawing and then curing. And, being able to draw and sculpt in mid-air is amazing!! Take a look at the following video.

AtmosFlare 3D from Redwood Ventures LTD on Vimeo.

Since we are in testing mode, our pen came in a brown box with the following items:
Pen (1)
Ink Cartridges (2, blue and red)
Ink Tips (4)
Cap (1)

Miss K loves making craft videos-I think she is contemplating becoming a YouTube sensation, so I let her make one of the AtmosFlare™3D Drawing Pen for this post, keep in mind she and I are still not experts on 3D pen art, but we are having fun trying and learning.

AtmosFlare™ Pro Tips:
  • Start squeezing before you turn on the light. It helps to keep the nozzle free from initial buildup.
  • Ink your base/attachment point first then turn on the light. Otherwise the ink may not stick or simply pull right off. 
  • Shining the pen on a bright surface will cure what is already inside the nozzle. The reflection of the light cures the inside of the nozzle and can block it. 
  • When the nozzle is clogged, remove the nozzle then clean/clear the nozzle with a paperclip. If you leave the nozzle attached to the resin bladder when cleaning the obstruction will just get squeezed back in to the nozzle.
  •  Try to store the pen upright while in frequent use so the ink stays a the tip. Otherwise you will have to shake the pen or squeeze through the air pockets which might distort your line. 
  • Your battery will last about 4 hours. When it’s time to change your battery, the lighted “M” emblem will alert you by flashing three times.
  • You might see moisture vapor near the tip of your pen as you draw. This is a harmless, odorless result of the 3D ink curing as excess moisture evaporates.

  1. Avoid looking directly at the spotlight, and don't point the spotlight at your eyes or the eyes of anyone else.
  2. Place cap on drawing tip after use. AtmosFlare™ works best if used and stored at room temperature, (between 60 and 80 degrees fahrenheit, 15 to 27 degrees celsius.)
  3. For the best results, draw directly on the supplied plastic sheet and accessory shapes. This keeps your drawing surface clean and neat. (We were not supplied these sheets, but instead improvised with parchment paper and our supplies from the IDO3D review)
  4. Wash hands well with soap and water after use.
  5. Do not place ink in mouth or ingest. In case any ink enters your eyes, wash with plenty amount of water. If you experience any unexpected allergic reaction, consult a doctor.
  6. Product performs best if used within 12 months after manufacturing (manufacture date is printed on pen).
  7. Our system does not use heat to assist in the curing process, but heat is generated for about 5 seconds during the curing process. Do not apply ink to skin under direct light or sunlight as it may cause skin irritation or burns. If ink is applied to skin, wash thoroughly with soap and water.
  8. Adult supervision is required. Observe children closely and intervene as necessary to prevent potential safety problems and ensure appropriate use of 3D ink.
  9. Keep pen/ink away from pets.
  10. Results vary depending on level of skill. 
  11. For information regarding allergic concerns, please call our Customer Service 1(855) 876-8124
  • If material cured in pen tip. Remove pen tip and unclog the cured material. 
  • Replace new battery when curing time is up to 1 minutes. 
To Clean
  • Wash with soap and warm water. 
  •  Use an alcohol based hand sanitizer to help remove sticky residue from hands.
Be sure to follow AtmosFlare™ at the following links and be one of the first to own this amazing 3D drawing pen.

I will say, be sure to save ALL pieces to this pen. We made the mistake of throwing away the original tops to the ink- big mistake. If the ink inside the tip wasn't hardened, it kind of poured out a little. 

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by AtmosFlare™. All content is my honest opinion. I will be compensated monetarily for this post.

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