Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Girl

In 10 days my girl starts third grade. Her new school box is bought, yes it is pink on top and ready to be filled with new crayons, markers, glue, and scissors. She picked out her second brand new backpack of her school career, a Vera Bradley. My girl loves her some Vera patterns, especially in hues of purples and pinks. It is currently at the embroidery shop awaiting the perfect stitches of the seven letters that make up her name. Her school clothes are bought. Styles ranging from athletic to casual dressy. Her favorite accessories are probably the black slip-on Converse Chuck Taylor's and new undergarments she picked out. My girl may just follow in her Moma's footsteps in that area- I got Chuck's also! 

My girl is growing up. Third grade pressures will be here soon enough. She knows. I know. But we are not going to focus on what we know is to come at the end of her third grade year. The single tests that determine whether or not she and her friends continue on to fourth grade with their other friends who pass the tests. Math and reading, how we love you, but you aren't fun anymore. It's not your fault. It's certainly not our teachers or students fault, but rather the lawmakers. 

My baby girl is no longer a baby. We choose to focus on what must be done today and will take each day of third grade as it comes. Today, ten days before she becomes an official third grader she put on her ballet leotard for the first time with Nair Baby Soft legs. She fixes her own hair now, and even figured a way to get a pink streak in it this past weekend. Thankfully it wasn't permanent. Thankfully I still get to do all ballet buns. 

Her imagination is infinite. Her generosity is great. No life is untouched by the impression she makes. I pray she will always carry the light she has now. Even though I wish I could slow down time, I look forward to seeing my girl grow even more.

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