Friday, May 8, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week, Day 5: Spirit FlipFlops

It wouldn't be Teacher Appreciation for my kid's teachers if they didn't get this gift. I have made them every year since Miss K has been in school. My boy has even had me make a few pair for his teachers over the year. I love making beaded Spirit Flip Flops. I make and sell usually for $15 a pair. They began years ago as a football fundraiser and now when I make them they help fund any and all extracurricalar activities my kids participate in. 

I even made a new printable this year. It's simple and says it all. Without great teachers to make the year a success, it really would be a flop! I printed it as a 3x5 and it worked great. 

This concludes Teacher Appreciation Week 2015. Be sure to check every day this week for the gifts that were given to our special teachers this year. 

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