Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Bee Story by Miss K

Today's informative post is brought to you by none other than Miss K. I found these in her backpack this morning. I love the combination of science, writing, and art. I admire her developing thought process, the paragraph usage and her overall enthusiasm for these three subjects.  It still pains me that she doesn't spell every word correctly, but I am reminded by her 2nd grade teacher that at this age she still spells as she sounds out.

Bees by Kaybrie
(spelling errors corrected by Mom)

   A Queen bee is the boss. She lays eggs. She lays over 1000 eggs. She is very lazy. I wish she was more like a Queen.  
  The similarities  are of course they are both bees. The Queen bee and the worker bee can both fly. And both have the same body parts such as the head, abdomen, and thorax.  
  Now to the worker bee. It is pretty small. They do a lot of work for the Queen bee. And they care for the babies. 

Did you learn anything?

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Rose Marie B said...

Miss K did a great job on this bee project! I especially love the pollen baskets. :)

Tamara Gerber said...

Love the drawing, nice job!