Friday, February 27, 2015

Versona: Grand Opening

I was invited to be a guest at the February 26, 2015 grand opening of the Versona located in the Tulsa Hills Shopping Center. After the week I have had, I was in the need of some therapy, and personal retail therapy was calling my name.

From the moment you walk into this store you are in awe. It is so big. Everything is SO organized. Organized by colors. If you want a Cool Mint clothing item, the table behind it has a variety of mint colored accessories from earrings to purses to match. If you are Santa Fe inspired, there is a turquoise or rustic accessory to go with it. There wasn't an inch of this store that Miss K and I didn't explore. I believe she touched every single accessory. (She even told me that the restroom was nice, yes that is important to kids and Moma's. I would sure hate to leave my much desired merchandise behind due to a potty break.)

Oh, Black & White. How I love thee. Obviously Miss K does also. 

I will be returning for this dress! Only $34.99.

Verona prides itself in being, "An exclusive women's boutique offering apparel and accessories at exceptional prices every day!" It's prices range from $7.99-$54.99. Sizes 2-14 and XS-XL. Here are a few things that we tried on/bought. 

Marsha, the store manager even took a grand opening selfie with me. The entire staff is so nice. Especially Gabriel, the gentleman who greeted us at the door. Be sure to follow Versona on all their social media sites. Facebook, TwitterInstagram, the Tulsa Hills store even has its very own Instagram

If you are out and about this weekend, be sure to stop by the newest store in Tulsa Hills- Versona! Near Michael's, 7522 South Olympia Avenue. Be sure to tell them I sent you!

And if you are looking for a Versona in a city located close to you, click here.

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*I was sent a VIP gift card and an exclusive invitation to attend the grand opening. This post is 100% my own opinion. And of course I spent more than the gift card.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine Let Your Light Shine Printable Card

One of my favorite sayings to my kids is "let your light shine". As a Christian this phrase serves as a reminder daily to us to let our words and actions be just like Christ's were. To also be a reflection that Christ is in our heart, and when our light shines brightly for other they will see and want to also know the love of Jesus.

Valentine's Day is all about the LOVE, right? Married couples, engaged couples, dating couples, etc...But what about the little kids who aren't "in love yet"? I find that it is so hard to find classmate Valentine cards that are just simply for FRIENDS. Do your kids ever go through those generic packs and say I can't give that to Jane because she may think I like her? Or that one is too girly for Sam. I often think that our children grow up way to fast with all this boyfriend/girlfriend, kissy kissy, dating, gift exchanging stuff. Why rush it? Let them be kids.

Miss K will be taking these to her friends at school this Valentine's Day.

I created them in PicMonkey, then I punched holes in the ends. I purchased glow bracelets at Michaels for $1- 12 in a package (price before my coupon). Here is the finished Valentine. 2nd graders love the glow bracelets. 

I made a blank one for my readers to use also. Feel free to download at this link

And now to move on to the 14 year old...What? Carnations for sale at his school for $1. What ever happened to candy grams? 

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Matthew 5:16
In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Miss K turns 8!

Miss K turned 8 on Saturday. I have an EIGHT year old daughter. Once again we hosted a Birthday Party on a Budget. Total spent on party- $55!

I made the invitation in PicMonkey. Had them printed at Wal-Mart as 4x6 prints and invited 9 friends.

I picked up canvases and acrylic paints from Michaels and ordered paint trays, brushes and aprons from Amazon. I then used masking tape and taped off each girl's first letter of their name. Letters like "R" and "S" are hard y'all!

The girls painted over their taped off initial. They painted their way. Girls are creative that way.

The birthday girl hard at work. 

The final masterpieces! So adorable!

For the "birthday cake", I made cake balls. 81 cake balls to be exacts. Only 79 ended up getting decorated, and 45 ended up on the cake plates for the girls to eat. I served Miss K's favorite Cherry Limeade in Mason jars and Cheddar Cheese Bugles.

Each guest got their picture taken with the birthday girl. I really should have thought and had a better background other than the garage door. I will print these pictures out and send as the thank you card. 

 My sweet little sassy, artsy dancer is EIGHT YEARS OLD! Yes, we butt heads- like mad, but each day it is like looking into a mirror of myself at that age. I often wonder aloud about where she gets her independence, about where she gets her energy, her constant need to be doing something. I find more often than not that her need to do something involves creativity, either through a craft or through dance. I mean really, what 8 year old asks for duct tape and rubber bands for her birthday? She truly is my mini-me. She reciprocates everything I do, yet still embraces her own individuality. She is growing into a beautiful young lady, and I thank God each day that He chose me to be her mother.

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P.S. Do you see the chalkboard easel in the first picture? My friend Glenna gave it to us. A huge shout of thank you goes out to her for that party decoration and toy. Also, what I didn't mention in the post was my trip to urgent care the morning of Miss K's party. My boy took over the heavy lifting and clean up of this party. I could never have pulled it off without him. My kids are AWESOME!

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