Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What's Cookin' in your Crockpot today?

It is cold outside today, and just going to get colder and windier as the day goes. I think I heard at one point 16 degrees with negative degree wind chills. So cold that I received two different phone calls via Parent Connect from two different Principals that basically said, "Parents, You are the BOSS. Dress your kids for Arctic weather." Yeah, right. I guess when my teen shows up in shorts, either I will be in the principals office or maybe even worse. I started picking my battles last year with his "style". Good grades, good kid. So, when you see his legs today, know that they were covered when he left my care.

So, What's Cookin' in MY Crockpot today?

Taco Soup. I really cannot believe I don't have this recipe on the blog. I guess maybe I thought everyone makes the same one. There are still a few variations you can do with this one. Like if you don't have a can of this you can add a can of that. If you like HOT, add a can of jalapeno pinto beans.

This is easy people. Enjoy.

(print recipe)

 What's Cookin' in your Crockpot today?
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Kitchen Kelli said...

It's so cold here today that they called off school in some of the smaller towns. Figured they would over there as well. I am not cooking in my crockpot today - did that Sunday, I am cooking up a storm though.......I'm making Chicken Pot, Chicken Pot, Chicken Pot Pie! She sang in her best singing voice. Haha! Of course you had to watch the NBC TV show called Just Shoot Me - Slow Donnie is the character. It's hilarious! Anyway, I"m making that and Cherry Pie Delight!

ShaRhonda said...

Ha ha! I submitted my Chicken pot pie recipe to okwb for foodie Friday. Is Cherry Pie Delight the one w/pineapple, cream cheese and cool whip? Oh...I also made a double batch of brownies and am eating peanut m&m's. Boo!

Kitchen Kelli said...

No, it isn't like that one but after I commented, I went into the kitchen and promptly dumped it all over the kitchen floor! So, I've got to mop and clean so I will probably break out the Oreo's for dessert tonight! I hope the chicken dish goes better! :)