Thursday, May 8, 2014

Basketball by Braden C. Crow

Since this is a family blog, it pleases me to no end to actually be able to share my own children's writings, with their permission of course. Braden wrote the following poem this year in his 7th grade English class. He had to read it/perform it in front of the entire class to be chose for the school's Poetry Slam. His poem wasn't selected, but he read it several times to us. (I'm even going to try to talk him into a video, that hopefully he will let me share.)

by Braden C. Crow

Basketball is a sport I have passion for, but everytime I go down the court I try to score.
When I go down the court to score, I dribble as I run, I release as I shoot.

Again, I love basketball, but there is more than just passing the ball or being tall.
The crowd roars when I score. When you get down the court to play defense you got to stop the offense. When I'm on defense I rebound bigger than a town. When I block it sounds like a rock hit the ground.

The third time I say this, I hope I make it clear, because you are my peer. It's my favorite sport, no one is going to change that. Basketball.

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Kayla rice said...

Good job, Braden :)