Friday, April 4, 2014

Teen Boy Gift Idea Because I am That Moma

I am that Moma.

Sometimes, not on purpose.

The Moma that sends a creative gift to a birthday party.

I had to do it yesterday, with my 13 year old son.

I promise, I did not do it on purpose. I forgot to pick up the iTunes card while I was out during the day and had absolutely no cash on me. Panic moment. He couldn't go to the party without a gift. It was time to improvise.

His friend was turning 13, and I just so happened to have picked up a box of 18 M&M's (teacher's appreciation week is coming up). So what did I do? I opened the box, took five packages out, doctored the box up a little and edited a printable that I used last year for teacher appreciation on PicMonkey. The printable I found on this site. So fun! Then I wrapped it all up in saran wrap and it was ready to go out the door. I did struggle with how to sign the card. I polled my Facebook friends, I received lots of fun answers.

We decided on:
Your friend, Braden


It's actually a perfect gift. What teen boy doesn't like to eat? Doesn't like candy? Doesn't like their own private stash of candy?

I bet those M&M's don't make it through the weekend.

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Kayla Rice said...

This is genius!! Love it :)