Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Do You Get Us in Your Inbox?

There are multiple ways to read my blog and get alerts that a new post is up. One of my favorite ways to be alerted to new posts from the blogs I love to read is via email. Of course I still follow these blogs on ALL of their Social Media sites, but I tend to miss a lot of updates if I am not just sitting on top of my computer. Who has time for that?

Did you know that you can get my blog posts via email? On the right side of my blog, under all of my Social Media icons is a box that says Get Us in Your Inbox, then you enter your email address in the box and will be told to check your email to confirm subscribtion.

Once you have confirmed, every time a new post goes up with a story of living, laughing, learning, and loving from our nest you will know about it! Also, you will never miss a review and giveaway opportunity again! How awesome is that blog feature? Now what are you waiting for, go sign up!

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