Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Week in Pictures from Our Nest

What a crazy busy week this past one was.  So many HUGE events going on that I would have to write a minimum of SIX posts to get it all in. So I will just post a week's worth of pics (mostly unedited from the iPhone) and give story captions. 

B has been invited to play AAU Basketball this Summer. Practice started last week. 
We haven't been at the same gym twice. 
P.S. We are accepting any and all donations and fundraising ideas toward this cause.

Look who made the National Junior Honor Society!!! He only thought my pride was in his athletics. I was crazy ecstatic when he brought the invite letter for this home. His installation is next week. More pics to come.


Miss K's 1st Grade Field Trip was at the Tulsa Air & Space Museum. Daddy Crow and I both got to attend as chaperones with her. He learned exactly what it was like to handle/chase four 1st graders. 

Beautiful Feet Dance Company held its 16th annual dance recital last Thursday night. This is our little ballerina's fourth year to perform. Oh so sweet. I caught this picture backstage in between my emcee lines. 

Me & Miss K after the recital.

On Saturday we drove a few short miles from my house and visited the Blue Whale on Route 66. My Moma was in town for the weekend. We enjoyed a lunch of KFC and explored for about three hours. 

Miss K's art masterpiece was selected for display at the Broken Arrow Schools District Wide Art Show. The piece is a circus/clown themed piece colored with block crayons. Below is a closer view of one of the clowns. She doesn't know this, but I used to collect clowns when I was a little girl. 


I captured this shot as we were leaving the art show. This is outside the Administration Building at the Broken Arrow NSU campus. I am so proud of my kiddos and their accomplishments. They are growing so big and their light shines so bright every day. 

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