Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our Sparkle Box Season

What acts of kindness and generosity do you and your family participate in during the Christmas Season?

I asked this question on October 25, 2013 in a post in which I reviewed the book The Sparkle Box.  I didn't "toot" my own horn about what I was doing in my own home, because I'm kind of  personal when it comes to these things. I do share with you each year the pictures of my children giving Christmas Eve Gifts to the neighbors.  I placed our Sparkle Box on top of our curio cabinet and throughout the month of December, filled it with slips of paper that contained various acts of kindness that our family did throughout the month. 

Miss K, kept asking if I had put anything in it. I have a feeling she thought it should be bursting at the seams. 

On Christmas morning, before my children opened the unopened gifts, I gave them the silver box. I told them that since it was Jesus' Birthday, his present would be opened first. 

The kids were amazed at the things I had written down, some they didn't even think twice about doing, yet I wrote down. They didn't even know about some of the things their brother and sister had done. They thought it was "cool" and wish we could do it all year. I reminded them that their lights for Jesus can and should shine year around. 

I made these labels to use in our Sparkle Box
Click here to get a copy of this. You can copy and paste into Word.

And now, the 2013 Christmas Eve Gift pictures....I can't believe how my kids have grown. 

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