Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013 & Word For the Year


Another year of living, laughing, learning and loving at our nest for sure. My word for 2013 was FAMILY. I can say with confidence, that I achieved a full focus and emphasis on just that- MY FAMILY.

With this blog post, our family blog will have an all time record of 151 posts this year. WOW! I frequently guest post at Oklahoma Women Bloggers, where I was featured as blogger of the month in May.

We now have a teenager who is in 7th grade and a 1st grader who is almost 7! Our lives are still full of sight words, reading, writing and arithmetic. Activities still include football, basketball, ballet, PTA and church.

We have had a few uh oh's in our physical health, Miss K received a nasty concussion early in the year and B ended up with a broken foot. Never ever tell your son to toughen up buttercup, or send him to school with a note to his PE coach that says the same, you will only end up eating your words and feeling terrible when you find out you made him go two days on a broken foot. He missed the entire season of football due to that injury.

There are many words to choose from for 2014.  I do have ONE word that stands out, but I am NOT sharing just yet.

As some of you may or may not know I am Happy First's assistant. For four years now Debbie Vinyard, the owner, has asked her readers/followers to come up with a word for the year. We created a group Pinterest board this year and invited people to pin those words/blog posts. In 2014, we would like to do that again, but would also like to feature more of those posts on the Happy First Blog. I would like to personally invite the you to send your Word Posts to us with links back to your own blogs & pages. You can email to: info@happyfirst.com. Here is last year's initial post: http://happyfirstblog.com/2013/whats-your-word-for-2013/.

What is your Word For 2014? Happy New Year from Our Nest to Yours!

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Beth Zimmerman said...

Happy New Year, ShaRhonda! You're not the only mama to learn that lesson! =) My 2014 word is RELEASE. I'll write about it tomorrow. Did a mini year end recap today.