Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Very Pinteresting Christmas Day 7: The Craft, Chalkboard Clipboards


A Very Pinteresting Christmas IRL Party was a huge crafting success. I actually kept my mouth shut and didn't tell a soul what our craft was going to be.  I found this pin (private board) that was from this site and fell in love. Chalkboard activities have a tendency to make me to that this year. I also, found this template and gave my guests two options for their clipboard.- All I Want for Christmas and Things to Remember. On the Things to Remember, I had to make the lines on Word, but it turned out perfect. 

The six of us with our finished craft!

The boards needed a picture by themselves. They are simply a work of art.

I prepared the clipboards ahead of time. I really do like the spray chalkboard paint.

Then I used wax paper, wax side down. The direction called for transfer paper. I still do not have a clue what transfer paper is. 

Then I centered the design sheet over the wax paper/clipboard and begin tracing over the letters with a pencil. The wax left an impression like this. 

I took a fine white paint pen and when over where I had traced. Once dry, I lightly sanded over the letters to give it more of the chalk effect. 
Here is my finished clipboard. 

I prepared the guests a little bag that included the following: wax paper, pencil, square of sand paper and a pen. I made the label which is also the button of this linkup  using Wordle.net. Word art is another one fo my faves. 

I also included this fun card inside the bag for the door prizes. I gave a door prize for the guest who had the most recent pin and one for the guest with NO PINS, and not on Pinterest. I am so glad we were able to introduce our friend Isabella to the world of Pinterest. 

These were the door prizes. 

I actually featured these last year during last years linkup. Click on the link to find out how to make. 
Be sure to tune in each day this week as I bring you "A Very Pinteresting Christmas" Linkup and if you have any Pinterest inspired activities throughout the week, be sure to grab the above button and linkup your ideas! "A Very Pinteresting Christmas" will be 15 days of Pinterest inspired food, fun, crafty days of linkups that all can be used during this wonderful season of joy. It will run from December 2-20 here at The 4-Crow's. I hope you will join in on the fun!

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