Friday, December 6, 2013

A Very Pinteresting Christmas Day 5


On day 3 of A Very Pinteresting Christmas, I told you about my church's annual A Christmas Gathering. Today, I am going to share another centerpiece that I made for the tables this year. And yes, it is another cone tree, but this one is made from poster board. These trees are BIG! They turned out beautiful and now adorn my mother in law's huge dining room table. 

I found this pin and loved these trees. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford the buy the pdf for the pattern, so I had to figure out how to make them myself. I think sometimes that is the fun in these Pinterest projects. Mine of course are not as perfect as this site- hers are BEAUTIFUL. I highly recommend using packing tape on these cone trees to hold them together. A few of my friends and even my husband saw the ABC one at the initial stage and weren't so sure. They ended up LOVING it! 

I had to glue every one of those silly foam letters on that cone. I DO NOT recommend that. Find the peel and stick ones. At the top, it doesn't matter if they are hanging off. 

I guess it does look kind of silly. Then I spray painted it silver, let it dry. What you don't see here is that throughout the tree I made words. I highlighted/painted  those words with a Mod Podge/red glitter mixture. 

On the other tree, I continued with my Mod/Podge/red glitter mixture and then when dry hot glued a burlap string around it. 

Be sure to tune in each day this week as I bring you "A Very Pinteresting Christmas" Linkup and if you have any Pinterest inspired activities throughout the week, be sure to grab the above button and linkup your ideas! "A Very Pinteresting Christmas" will be 15 days of Pinterest inspired food, fun, crafty days of linkups that all can be used during this wonderful season of joy. It will run from December 2-20 here at The 4-Crow's. I hope you will join in on the fun!
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