Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Very Pinteresting Christmas Day 14: Melted Snowman Bottles with a TIP


Yeah, I totally stole this one from this pin/blogger at How could I not? The labels were free and the pin said,
 "Add some fun to your winter party with these FREE Melted Snowman Water Bottle Labels!! Print, cut, tape and enjoy custom water bottles for your parties!"

C-ute! I could not have made them cuter for my little Miss' Christmas Party at school than this. Love them.

I will tell you a little trick though, since obviously these are printed off on copy paper, do you ever wonder how to keep the labels from getting wet and how to make them stick perfectly? 

Packing tape. Lay your label on the stick side of the tape. Perfect size. The tape will act as a barrier between the bottle and the label. Leave about 1/4" at the end when you cut it. As you wrap the label around the bottle you will attach the label to the sticky side that was left. Pefect. No extra tape showing.

You are very welcome for that tip. Hope I was as clear as these melted snowmen. Aren't they adorable? One more day until party day. You still have time to make these!

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