Friday, October 11, 2013

Today's Post: Frugal Friday

Today I am posting at Oklahoma Women Bloggers. I am sharing a little secret that I do at my nest. I make my own foamy hand soap. Seriously. I found the idea on Pinterest. It's frugal. It's fast. It's safe.

  • Rinse and Clean your leftover pumper bottles. I peeled off my labels, then sprayed them with WD-40 to get the sticky off. Works like magic.Then be sure to use some dish soap to off. I just love WD-40.
  • Fill bottle with about one inch of soap.
  • Slowly fill the rest of the bottle with cold water. Don’t completely fill. The pump has to go in and you don’t want it to overflow.
  • Place pump back on bottle. Do not shake, but rather tilt from side to side to mix soap and water.
You must go read the story behind this. It's a good one. Everything I do is for a reason and usually involves one of the 4 Crow's! 

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Kayla rice said...

WOW I need to try this :)