Friday, October 25, 2013

The Sparkle Box - A Gift with the Power to Change Christmas: Giveaway #TheSparkleBox

I admit, my family does get caught up in parts of the commercialism of Christmas, but I always make sure that that commercialism always contains the real meaning of Christmas. Before my children open a single gift they deliver Christmas Eve gifts to our neighbors, we also participate in our church's annual toy event-tcTOYS. I try to teach them that it is always better to give than to receive and that I want others to see Jesus through them. What acts of kindness and generosity do you and your family participate in during the Christmas Season?

The Crow Kids delivering Christmas Eve 2012 gifts

I am so excited about my latest book giveaway. Not only is it a beautiful book, but it is going to be one of those books that will be perfect to read and begin a tradition with your family on Thanksgiving night. I am going to be honest, this book made me tear up. I cried during the entire book. If you are wanting to teach your children God's love and compassion this is a must have book. A definite tradition to begin this year. 

About the Book:
The Sparkle Box - A Gift with the Power to Change Christmas 
Sam is so excited about Christmas! He's thinking about his Christmas list, looking forward to holiday parties, and puzzling over one very mysterious gift: a sparkly box sitting on the mantel. In the midst of the festivities, Sam and his family participate in various acts of kindness to others. On Christmas morning, when Sam finally opens the Sparkle Box, he finds only slips of paper that record the family's good deeds. Sam's mom explains that the things that they've been doing are, in fact, a gift for Jesus, for Jesus said that whatever we do for those in need, we do for Him.

Author Jill Hardie and her family began placing a gift for Jesus under their Christmas tree as a way of bringing more meaning to the holiday. The first time they opened His gift, the commercialism of the season melted away and they felt a profound joy and peace. Jill hopes that The Sparkle Box will spark a new Christmas tradition, bringing light into thousands of lives. 

I know for my family this year, we will be adding this tradition and I can't wait to see how much more the meaning shines through our lives and actions. One of my readers is going to be blessed with their very own copy of The Sparkle Box book.  All you have to do is tell me this in a Disqus comment. Bonus entries are available on the Rafflecopter form.

What acts of kindness and generosity do you and your family participate in during the Christmas Season?

Written by Jill Hardie
Illustrated by Christine Kornacki
Available now!
Hardcover with jacket, 10 x 10, 32 pages, with a fold-out sparkle box included!
ages 4 to 8

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Kayla Rice said...

We love to go to nursing homes and visit all of the residents :)

Cassie said...

We leave large tips at restaurants.

Melissa said...

We go to homeless outreaches and do a Christmas raok countdown!

Gracie Fergueson said...

I buy toys for tots or off the angel tree. I anonymously give money to a needy family.

Belinda said...

We participate in a Community Christmas Meal!

flowerchild23 said...

We donate toys and food to our local food bank

Shelley Parker Chandler said...

I assist with Christmas for Kids (for kids in foster care in Tulsa County) and
donate to various charities.