Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thrift Shop Challenge: DIY Colored Christmas Platter

I have a love/hate relationship with my local Goodwill store. I love taking my stuff there. Especially if it really does give people jobs. I hate the idea that the owners are making more money than me on my donated good. I hate shopping there. Why? Because I rarely find a good bargain. When I think thrift store, I want things at garage sale prices. I mean really. Why do I want to pay $5 for a candlestick? Not the pair of candlesticks. A candlestick. I'm probably just not shopping the right thrift store. I find better bargains sometimes in the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby to repurpose. Things that are not second hand.

This month's challenge at Oklahoma Women Bloggers was a $25 Thrift Shop Challenge. I had great aspirations. Really. I visited my Goodwill three times. NOTHING caught my eye. I am not paying $15 for a picture frame or $20 for a mirror. The clothes were horrendous. I don't need another holiday sweater. I'm pretty crafty so I went to my Pinterest boards. I guess its time to start planning for my annual A Very Pinteresting Christmas Linkup and think Christmas.

See those two glass Christmas serving platters on the bottom. One of these is going to be my thrift shop challenge. $3 baby. Should have been $1. With Christmas coming up, I love taking a dish that doubles as a hostess gift. This platter will be perfect. On Pinterest, I pinned this pin to color glass about a year ago that led nowhere. I just love when that happens. But I was determined to try it out. It called for glue. I like Mod Podge.

The Need List:

Food coloring 
Matte Mod Podge
Foam Brush
Clear Acrylic Gloss Coating (since Mod Podge is water base,  I figured you must use a seal.)

Place your glassware on the newspaper. Mix Mod Podge and food color into bowl. Doesn't take a lot. I have leftovers if anyone needs. Brush the mixture onto the glassware. I started out doing even strokes, but ended up dabbing. Since mine was a plate. I did the underside. Let dry completely then seal with the clear Acrylic Gloss Coating.

Look. It really is waterproof. 

Isn't this just lovely? I was really please with how well it turned out. It turned something very plain into something festive and fun. Quite Pinteresting and Thrifty!

Be sure to head over to OkWB and see how the others did on their challenge. 

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Kalamity Kelli said...

I LOVE it! The green is beautiful and Mod Podge Rocks! I actually follow a blog called that and found yet another project on there just today! So basically, you came in WAY under the $25? Lucky you.....I must try the food coloring MP trick.

ShaRhonda said...

I am going to have to check that blog out. Thanks for stopping by!

Jennifer Tinker Wedemeyer said...

I love it! That's my new fav color...