Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Miss K had her second first day of First Grade yesterday. Yesterday was September 23, 2013, we started school August 22, 2013. Exactly one month after school started we decided it would be in her best interest to change her classroom. This was a first time experience for me. Never in my own primary education did I have to change classes or have I had to for my son who is in seventh grade.

My baby girl was fighting me every morning, coming up with some ailment to keep her at home. She had been to see the nurse personally at least five times, resulting in coming home twice in the first week early. She also loved taking kids to the nurse. She went for her six year well child visit on September 10 and straight out told Dr. Wan that she hated school. She was bored and ready to move on. She didn't want to do ABC's, colors and sounds that was pre-k work in her opinion. WOW. Just WOW.

What was going on? After several calls to the school and discussions with my daughter, I think I figured it out. TESTING. Now don't get me wrong, testing has to be done. For now. But my daughter went to school this year with one thing in mind, to hit the ground running. She wants to write, do math and above all else READ! The busy work given to them must have not been enough. The precedence set for her of first grade was setting her up for dropout status. I had to do something. A change for her little/big spirit needed to take place. She is the child that if you give her a little chocolate syrup, she will not stop until she has the whipped cream, sprinkles, gummy bears and cherry on top! She is a leader. Always has to be doing something.

Much like ME. I do apologize teachers. No, actually I do not. And never will. She is an individual. She WILL NOT be measured up to any other child. She may not be reading at a 3rd grade level yet, but her imagination and creativity is way beyond.

If I have learned anything about this situation it is in order to be an advocate for other children, I have to be an advocate for my own. I have to watch the signs and follow my Mommy-gut. But all the while not question my child and let her sense I think something is wrong. I do have to pat myself on the back for that one. She was very surprised when I told her the news of the new classroom Sunday night.

Parents, if I can leave you with anything from my lesson in the Mommyhood this past month. Pray. Give it to God. Document. Your child's education is so important and you do have a say. Get involved. Your children are your first priority.

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Kayla Rice said...

Way to go mama!!! The first couple of weeks were really hard for Emma. Your daughter reminds me of Emma. I was bawling every night but we have all adjusted and thank goodness all is fine now. Does your daughter need to be in the gifted and talented classes? My son had the same issue as your daughter in elementary and they moved him to the G&T and he did so much better. Good for you for not apologizing.