Thursday, August 8, 2013

Oklahoma Women Bloggers Challenge #1: About Me

Hi everyone! So today I am writing my first post on my brand new computer. Actually I am not going to write. I'm going to VLOG- that's video blogging. My first one. I am being challenged by Oklahoma Women Bloggers to get in front of the camera to tell you a little about ME. Anyway, my new computer has a camera- WooHoo- yeah I was a little behind. I used Movie Maker to film and edit my VLOG then had to save it as an mpeg, then uploaded it here onto YouTube, seems kind of difficult, but only certain formats are accepted on Blogger.  The one thing about when you start Vlogging, is you must know what to use and how to do it. You can use YouTube also, but for me the sound was awful. Okay, I'm gonna quit typing.....
Be sure to visit OkWB and link up your VLOG. 

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Mari Farthing said...

Great! Love it, ShaRhonda, great to see you in action :)

ShaRhonda said...

Thanks Mari!