Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tween Room Clean

My almost 13 year old, but not quite because I refuse to admit it, son has been gone for over two weeks. TWO WEEKS and two days before he is back under my roof tomorrow.  I have whined, moaned, and probably whittled my Facebook friend list down a few do to this absenteeism.  From what I understand, I am not alone. He is being called a Moma's boy. He wants to come home badly. He got sick in DC, so sick he didn't even go see the 4th of July fireworks at our nation's Capitol. Poor baby.

What does a Moma do when her tween son is finally out of his room long enough for her to tackle cords, video equipment, games, clothes and forgotten school papers? 

She cleans it.

I really forgot to take a good before pic. This one was where little sis snuck in his room and started playing with his old toys. I am not the only one missing him.

Ta Da!! Room clean. Curtain hung. Bedding changed. My husband thinks this bedding is too boyish. We'll see.

Woo Hoo!!! Clean carpets and I can see baseboards. I even hung pictures. Did I mention I love seeing baseboards? He knows his room is not the way I left it. I may be in a little bit of trouble for sorting out and untangling ALL the gaming controllers. They are organized in an over the door shoe organizer. I used these when he was young for stuffed animals, so why not utilize now for electronics.

Can't wait to see him tomorrow. Can't wait to see his reaction over his room. CAN wait to see how long it takes to get messy again.

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Beth Zimmerman said...

We redid Josiah's room while he was on a mission trip one time. Really should have cleaned it this last time since that's the only time it gets really clean. Too much stuff in too little space!