Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer. Moving On By.

Hello. Wow! What. A. Summer. Where has July gone? The boy got back from DC, we both were sick and we haven't stopped since those diagnosis last Tuesday. I think it's time for a quick catch me up post. 

We've crafted. Yep, made a banner for my friend's kindergarten classroom. How cute did this paint chip banner turn out?

What about these glitter clothes pins and pencil cups? Got to love the mod podge and using vegetable cans. Got to love being Pinterest inspired.

We've also done LOTS of swimming. Even made a little trip to Muskogee to River Country Family Water Park. Way smaller version of Big Splash, way easier on this Moma's nerves. Especially when the kids just wanted to float the lazy river all day. 

And then we roll into this week. Is it really already Thursday? 

We had a dentist appointment on Tuesday...

Followed by a pedicure.

And of course didn't miss our Wednesday movie. This week's was Happy Feet. I have loved these fifty cent movies.  I also started my 34 lb weight loss mission again this week. So far so good. I have logged three days onto My Fitness Pal and have logged 9 miles worth of walking so far this week. It really messed up my pedicure. 

Activities for the week are not over yet.
Keeping these kids entertained this summer has been a full time job and paycheck, even though most of the activities we do are at a reduced rate or free.  I'm betting we see the swimming pool and a pair of bowling shoes before the week is over. 

How is your summer going?

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