Monday, July 29, 2013

Purple Glaze Studio Fun

Until this Summer, I had never experienced Purple Glaze Studio. We have now been twice. Once to a birthday party where my daughter insisted on making a baby Razorback. 

And then again today. She chose another pig- a piggy bank this time that she painted with a paint that once fired will crackle these tiny beads and burst into a vibrant color. I also painted today. A basketball bank. It's been years since I have painted. I made it for the boy who didn't find any joy or huge thrill in joining in on any paint fun. Boo! Pre-Teens. 

They look dull now, but once Friday rolls around they will be bright and shiny after they are all fired. We can't wait. In case you didn't know, Monday's is free studio fee day. You only pay for what you paint plus tax. Fun. Fun. So grab a friend and her kiddos and go have some painting fun like we did!

Here is the link for more information.

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