Sunday, July 28, 2013

Moma & Me Journal- Pinterest Inspired

I cannot believe I am going to have a first and seventh grader in a few short weeks. I told/showed you earlier in the week how I had made writing sentences into a behavior modification for a certain diva. I still like that idea, but I also do not want her to begin to resent writing. I found this pin a few months back that gave me the idea for one of my latest Pinterest inspired project. You must take a look at that idea also. Adorable. She even has a download. 

Of course, I always have to make any project I do my own. How fun is it going to be to write letters back and forth to my daughter? Our plan is to hide it under each others pillows. I think this will be a journal to cherish and hopefully one of many we make.

A daughter to make your cute word design
Mod podge
Foam paint brush
Composition notebook- I love Carolina Colors ( not paid to type that)
Glitter, buttons, glue optional

Now. What can I do with my 12 year old? He wouldn't even give me a chance to make him one. Somehow I have got to get inside one of those video games. 

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