Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Extreme Shopper Wanna Be. Maybe? NOT!!!

I like to save money. Who doesn't? I read the blogs, follow the tips. I do pretty well. I admit to everyone, that I am not a couponer. If I have 4 coupons that work on a shopping trip I have done well. I am a comp shopper. I am the one who is going up and down the aisles holding four different store ads and dropping them at least once during my visit. I can't/don't really calculate what I save but I do know its been a minimum of $8 on four watermelon this summer. 

I really love it when I accidentally run across a bargain like I did today. 

Yes. It makes my heart race, maybe I could somehow become one of those Extreme Couponers and save even more. I bet there was a $2 coupon in some paper I didn't get and this could have been a money maker. Then I could have taken home two. One for me and one to donate. A girl could dream or be slapped. No really, this is a great deal and I deeply admire the people who have made it their full time business to save themselves and others money. Keep showing me the way. Shoot, take me shopping with you!! Maybe, just maybe one day I will get it. 

Did I mention school supply shopping is coming up? That is probably my favorite time besides Christmas to find the deals and steals. Boxes of Crayola Crayons for .25!! Spiral Notebooks for .10!!! I can't wait. 

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