Friday, July 19, 2013

Burlap Crayola Clock

I mentioned in an earlier post this week how this summer has also been filled with lots of crafting with my friend. She is a school teacher who is moving from teaching Pre-K to Kindergarten this year. While our kids play, we have been having fun planning and crafting for her new classroom. She is doing it in rainbow, with crayon accents. The room is going to be so CUTE when she finally gets in to put it together.

Today we made this....

A Crayola Clock with Burlap accents. Isn't it adorable? Mrs. S, my friend, found the idea on Pinterest. But wouldn't you know it, not a single image linked back to a blog for instructions. I guess they thought it was too easy. It was. But it would have been nice to know a few things like:

1. Where did they get the clock? 
2. Where did they cut on the crayon? 
3. What did they cut it with? 
4. How did they glue it? 
5. How many crayons were used? 

Here are the answers:
1. Walmart- $3.97
2. After the "a" on Crayola, but it really depends on how long you want/need it. You don't have to cut at all.
3. We tried a box knife. Didn't work. We used her Santoku knife. Hope we didn't ruin it. 
4. We used hot glue.
5. I think I counted 65 crayons. Get them now. Their on sale. And honestly the Crayola did cut better than the cheap ones. We tried some cheap ones out first as a trial. 

Fun, fun craft! Even more fun when you are crafting it up with a friend.

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