Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A True American Girl Experience

Kaybrie loves all things American Girl. Especially now.
We had planned a family trip to Dallas back in April with the intentions of taking her THE STORE, but that fell through. Opportunity presented itself again the weekend of June 22. We were at my family reunion in Durant and decided to just take her on down for the night and visit the store the next day. I cannot believe how short the drive has become from Durant to Dallas. Seriously. 
She has been an extremely blessed little girl. WE have never had to completely purchase an American Girl doll...
Two sets of grandparents = One fantabulous birthday gift.
Two years in a row!

This is a BIG store!

Window shopping in anticipation for the store to open.

Our Shining Star.

Posing with Saige.

Both dolls got a makeover. This is Sierra.

Lunch with the McKenna, Sierra, Mommy & Daddy.

My little American Girls.

A Mommy & Me Moment.

The girls getting a much needed drink.

Oops, we forgot to toast!

Pizza. Yum!

Daddy duty. Holding the dolls.

Making Julie's bracelet. Fun craft to finish out our visit at the store. 

Oh but wait, it looks like there might be a new addition. YES, Saige the 2013 American Girl of the year now belongs to Miss Kaybrie. We have now made that complete purchase. Saige Copeland- she may just be a relative of ours. My Great Grandmother's family name is Copeland. We have lots of cousins and even attended the Copeland family reunion last year. 

We stopped in Allen, TX on our way home to take a few pics of the beautiful sunflowers. 
We might have said RUN to the car fast to avoid a big Texas ticket. 
That's what happens when over 20 cars are parked in a fire lane. Thankfully they started ticketing at the end of the line. What kind of parents are we, teaching our six year old to run from the cops? I just told her that it better be the first and last time something like that happens with her, and at least she was with her parents. 

Definitely a true American Girl experience for the memory book.

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Beth Zimmerman said...

Fun day for all and she is truly blessed! In all sorts of ways!

Brandi Barnett said...

Ha! How very American of you all around! It looks like your little one had a good time.

Rebekah Loper said...

I used to love American Girl dolls... and then they took Felicity away and I just... it makes me so sad!