Monday, May 13, 2013

Zit Cream is an American Girl Marker Miracle

Mother's Day morning. Getting ready for church. Of course McKenna and Kaybrie have to to wear matching dresses and have matching hairstyles. Before church. Why was this not planned the night before? That's when I discovered it. This.

Nooooo. How did that happen? Of course Kaybrie didn't know. And I could tell it wasn't done on purpose, but probably something had instead been laid upon her or beside her or grabbed her. Ugh! I tried makeup remover, fingernail polish remover, baby wipes, even a Clorox wipe. Nothing would remove it. A $105 doll, that we can't even afford to purchase by ourselves, we split the cost with grandparents or have the grandparents go in together for birthday presents. These dolls are special and are treated with magic fingers around our home. Obviously not magic enough this time or maybe a little too close to the MAGIC marker drawings or covered fingers this time. 

I just knew I couldn't wait and take the doll to the AG store and have them fix it, I don't want that to be our experience when we finally make it to Dallas or Kansas City to step foot into my daughter's dream store destination. So, I pulled my Real Housewife of the Internet and googled and came up with this site, which had this video. Their secret. zit cream. Yep the stuff with 10% Benzoyl Peroxide. Name brand is Oxy. I buy the generic. We just so happen to have the Target brand in the house right now.

I shot this Vine of the process. Have you downloaded and used Vine yet? Everyone else's videos are the coolest. I'm still learning. 

Anyway, put the zit cream on the marker, then wrap in saran wrap so it doesn't dry out. Take the doll and place her outside in the sun for about 4 hours. Be sure to cover her hair. You don't want your doll to get dry hair do you?

Seriously. The marker is GONE!! 
Zit cream is an American Girl Marker Miracle.

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Beth Zimmerman said...

That's pretty cool! I'm sure KayBrie was thrilled!

Kayla Rice said...

Wow that is very cool :)

ShaRhonda said...

I wondered if it would, but was scared to try. Thanks for stopping by!

ShaRhonda said...

I know. We were all amazed. Saved some $ at the AG store I'm sure.

ShaRhonda said...

Yes indeed.

Adrienne G. said...

WOW! I've also learned that if you put dry erase marker on top of permanent on some things, it'll all come off. I had to learn that back when a temp wrote on my monitor at work.

Heather Smith Davis said...

Who even knew? That's Amazing. We bought AG dolls (and by we, I mean the grandparents got the girls gift cards and we drove them to Dallas). They have not moved from the shelf since we brought them home.

Jennifer W said...

Magic erasers work wonders too but you have to do it very gently!