Saturday, May 4, 2013

Teacher's Appreciation Week May 6-10

Is it already that week again? The past two years I have shared with you my ideas and gifts for my children's teachers at The RHOK here and here. This year since I am no longer writing there and can't "hide" them as well, I simply can't share all of them in this post- surprises will definitely be ruined. I suppose I will just be posting them each day after school when I know the teacher has received them.

I will however post what my son will be giving to each of his seven teachers as a token of appreciation and what my daughter will be giving to her specials teachers.

Sometimes I think when a child reaches middle school those teachers are forgotten. Not to mention the specials teachers who are only seen an hour or so each week. These were super easy and inexpensive. You can get an 18 pack of assorted M&M's at Wal-Mart for $10.98, that averages .61 each. Then I found the printable, somewhere- I can't remember. Had it saved on my phone and just added the text with PicMonkey. I have lots of great ideas on my Pinterest boards, be sure to check them out for last minute ideas.

Well, I guess I better get off here and continue to prepare for next week. There are rolls to be made, salads to be prepared, and gifts to finish up...

What will your kid's teachers be receiving this week?

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Update: I finally found where the printable came from. Check out this site for great ideas!

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