Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blogger of the Month and Today's Post

For the month of May I have been chosen to be Blogger of the Month at Oklahoma Women Bloggers. Me. Yes Me!!! They like me, they really do like ME.  They told me so. Thank you so much to these lovely ladies/bloggers for having me as their BOM. I’m truly flattered and honored- in fact I wasted absolutely no time at all getting my posts to them, heaven forbid they change their mind on me.
I'll be posting over there quite a bit this month. I'll place excerpts of my posts here at The 4-Crow's, but if you want to read the full post you must visit the Oklahoma Women Bloggers and Gather, Grow and Connect with them to read!

Oklahoma Women Bloggers

Here is a taste of today's post:

"Think about it, who is your Moma, Mama, Momma, Madre, Mother in Law? You know the woman your children or future children will call Nana, Grandma, Granny, Mamaw or whatever other name of endearment is chosen. Those two or more special ladies in your life that not only birthed you, but also your significant other. That raised you, your spouse and now may or may not play a significant role in your life and your own children’s life. If they do, like in mine, you are truly blessed."

To read the rest of the story you must head on over to Oklahoma Women Bloggers, I promise it's a must read. With a picture of PIE!!

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