Monday, April 15, 2013

This is Our Time DVD Review & Giveaway

What is God asking me to BE?

Wow! This has been my discovery year. My word of the year has been FAMILY. Never did I imagine just four months into the year the challenges, adventures, and doors God would put before me. One of the things that I will share is that taking a stand for what you believe in, even if it means walking away from something that you love, you will probably find that, that love wasn't right for you after all. There truly is a season for everything. Vague, I know, but to truly BE who God wants me to be one of the decisions I have had to recently make is that I will no longer be writing as Mrs. Hart at The RHOK
What God is asking me to be right now, is a reflection upon HIM in all I do, say, portray and write. I am accountable to Him for all of my actions and any actions linked to my name and my family's from this moment forward. Strong yes, but just like the disclosures on my blog, I stand behind and only recommend what I believe is good and family oriented. I am not saying I am perfect or holier than thou, far from it. I am saved by grace, just like everyone else. 
As you all know, I love bringing home family movies into my home. A time to put away the electronics and a time to sit and enjoy each others company. We had the opportunity to review this movie at the perfect time. I'm not going to give too much away, but just know, This is Our Time couldn't have came at a better time.
I hope that it also comes at a good time for one of my readers. 
Who wants a copy of their own? Enter on the Rafflecopter form below. 

About This Is Our Time:

The movie tells the interwoven stories of Luke (T.J. Dalrymple) and AlĂ© (Erin Bethea), who marry right after school and move to India to serve as missionaries for Embrace A Village, a ministry that cares for those afflicted with leprosy and their families; aspiring financier Catherine (Kate Cobb), who joins a prestigious financial institution determined to make an impact on corporate America; Ryder (Matthew Florida), who lands an impressive job in social media and can’t wait to use the powerful medium for a greater good; and Ethan (Shawn-Caulin Young,) seemingly the odd man out, who struggles to find his God-given-purpose and feels sidelined by God.

 "What they all come to learn is that it never really was their time,” Arnold said. “It always was, always is, God’s time.”

This Is Our Time is presented by Pure Flix
Releases on DVD and Blu-Ray on Tuesday on April 16, 2013. It will be available nationwide at Family Christian Stores and most Christian online and brick-and-mortar retail stores nationwide.

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Maryann said...

I would watch this with my family

JustDanyell said...

I will Watch it with my Youth Life Group and with my family
-Marc Daniel

Glogirl said...

I would watch this movie with my family.

Sandy VanHoey said...

I would give to my sister to watch with her family

Lisa Arnold said...

Thank you so much for reviewing THIS IS OUR TIME and congrats to your winner. It was a great gift from God to write and direct. We have also created a four week study guide as a FREE resource for churches, youth and college organizations. Pure Flix will be posting it later this week. I hope it helps everyone take a closer look at what God is calling them to be!

Lisa Arnold

Marie said...

My family!