Monday, April 1, 2013

Oh Happy Day

Oh happy day (oh happy day)
Oh happy day (oh happy day)
When Jesus washed (when Jesus washed)
When Jesus washed (when Jesus washed)
Jesus washed (when Jesus washed)
Washed my sins away (oh happy day)
Oh happy day (oh happy day)

This was the song my six year old daughter was singing yesterday morning as I was braiding her hair for Easter Sunday. Little did we know then that later that evening it would indeed be her Happy Day. Resurrection Day became her Salvation Day as she asked Jesus into her heart around 9PM.

I was finishing watching The Bible series and her Daddy was trying to get her to sleep. She started asking him salvation questions similar to the ones she had asked earlier in the weekend to myself. I knew she was "getting" it when I heard her explaining the way to her American Girl doll. There was absolutely no avoiding her and the opportunity on Easter night. We talked about John 3:16 and Romans 3:23 and said the sinners prayer together. She was absolutely adamant that she was going to go live with Jesus forever and not down "there".

I'll be honest, I have been a Christian for 29 years this summer and this was my first time for an opportunity like this. It is a feeling like no other. For my first time to be my own flesh and blood, WOW!!! Thank you Jesus!!!! I'm excited now for my next opportunity.

For my little Miss, Baptism will be next in her journey. And of course I will share/document that experience as well.

Oh Happy Day, indeed!!!

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Belinda Williams said...

It is a Happy Day indeed. Praise God!!! Nana loves her baby girl.

tfergueson said...

I love this. Praise God!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Yay! Love this!

Ashley said...

Oh my!! What a proud momma!! This is awesome news!! I am so happy for you and her. I can only imagine how happy you are!!

ShaRhonda Williams Crow said...

I know. It was something else. I love the childlike faith.

ShaRhonda Williams Crow said...

Indeed! Love you!

ShaRhonda Williams Crow said...

Thanks Moma!

Shelly Peterson said...

So Wonderful! What a great day it must have bee nfor you, your daughter and your whole family! :)

Sabine said...

Congratulations on your "happy day"!

ShaRhonda said...

Thanks Sabine! And thanks for stopping by!