Monday, March 25, 2013

What I Wish I Knew at 18, Life Lessons For The Road Ahead: Book Giveaway


I seriously think I have found the perfect high school graduation gift for the class of 2013. Wait, maybe even the class of 1992 and 2019. Those last two years would be for ME and my son. When I was first offered to review this book I said, "I'll do it. Maybe my 12 year old will read with me. Because he already knows it ALL." Anyone out there with a pre-teen know it all? After reading a bit of the book, parts of it are still a little too old for my 12 year old, but I still have been reading the TAKE FIVE sections to him. It is amazing even at 38 years old how a life coach book can draw you in and give you a different perspective on your overall actions in life. 

One of my readers is going to get their very own copy of this book!!! It will make a lovely gift, shhhh I won't tell anyone that you read it first and then passed it on! Entries are found on the Rafflecopter form below.

About the Book:
What I Wish I Knew at 18 is an engaging, comprehensive, and conversational book written to help young adults achieve success in life. It provides practical, road-tested wisdom in essential life arenas as life perspective, character, relationships and communication, spiritual life, handling adversity, personal productivity, college academics, career selection and advancement, love and marriage, and managing finances. Through illustration, instruction, and reflective questions, the book reveals 109 success pointers that auger a soaring launch into adulthood. Unique in scope, universal in its message, and timely in its wisdom, What I Wish I Knew at 18 is designed to serve as an invaluable life coach.

About the Author:
Dennis Trittin is a successful investment manager, educator and mentor committed to helping young adults reach their full potential. Now retired from managing over $30 billion in assets, he devotes his life to promoting leadership and life management on a global basis. Trittin serves as an advisor to several charitable groups and as a speaker with national and local educational and community organizations. Dennis and his wife Jeanne are parents of two young adults and reside in the Seattle area.

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