Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Today's Post...

Did you know that I was a "vintager" before vintage was cool? You should see all my "junk".
Today I am posting as ♥Mrs. Hart♥ at The RHOK.
I am posting about what I spied on HGTV.

Is your laundry room decorated? How?
The other day I was watching one my favorite HGTV shows- Flea Market Flip, the episode The Battle of the Green Chaise, when all of a sudden I spy this clock.

I tend to have an eye for details that don't really go with a show sometimes.
You could never take the $500 given to you on the show and fulfill one of the requirements of buying, fixing and then flipping for a higher sum and win $5000 with that clock.
That clock is more of a vintage decorating item. And if it works BONUS!!!

I just happen to have one of those particular BONUS's in my laundry room.
Yes, I decorate my laundry room.

Now if Lara Spencer would just hop on over to my house for some tea and yard sale talk, I would be in housewife heaven.

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Heidi Madsen Robbins said...

I wish I could decorate my laundry space! It's in the very back of my garage and I have to regularly dust the cobwebs. I did see some cute vinyl decor on pinterest that goes on the washer and dryer, so I think I'll have the best luck there :) Love the vintage washboard!

ShaRhonda said...

That does sound cute. Don't you just love Pinterest? Thanks for the compliment on the washboard. Your right, it is vintage. I really was vintage before it was cool. LOL