Friday, March 8, 2013

Mission Trip to Malawi

I am in tears once again as I sit to share this letter from my brother. God is so good. My brother, not only has answered the call as a pastor, but now he and his wife will be stepping into the foreign mission field. They have answered a call to go to Malawi this Summer. As most of us know these calls do not come without expenses. As you read his letter, I ask you to PRAY for my little brother and my sister in law! If you feel led to contribute the links are also below. God Bless and thank you for all your prayers and support my friends and family!!!

Dear Friends and Family,

God has called Liz and I to do something this summer that we know will transform our lives. We will be participating in a short-term mission trip to Lilongwe, Malawi with a Mission Team from Trinity Baptist Church, Ardmore, OK. The dates include June 12 through June 25, 2013. We will be planting and working through existing Churches that have been recently started. We will be working in conjunction with national pastors affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

While on this journey, our time and energy will be spent sharing the gospel house to house in schools, prisons, orphanages, and anywhere we will be allowed to speak. In Malawi there are opportunities to share the gospel freely in almost all public places. As a team, we plan to take advantage of all of this time possible while in Malawi. We will also be assisting in church planting activities and other outreach opportunities.

Liz and I want to invite you to be a part of this experience in our life by becoming one of our partners. We need friends who will commit to pray for us as we prepare for this trip and while we are in Malawi. We will also need those who will commit to support us in this trip financially. The total cost of the trip is $7340 and includes all expenses such as airfare, accommodations, food and training. We will be making some personal sacrifices for the next couple of months as We try to raise the money for this trip, but we cannot do this alone. We need your assistance to help cover part of the cost for the trip. Would you consider investing in our lives and in the lives of those to whom we will be ministering by giving financially toward this trip?

We are confident that this experience will be a marker in our spiritual life, and we thank you for considering being a part of it. We know that God will build our faith by providing the money for this trip and that He will stretch my faith as I make Him known to those who have not heard the Good News of Jesus Christ.

If you would like to help us financially, We have set up an account with our church in Coleman, Coleman Baptist Church. You can make your check payable to CBC. All contributions are tax deductible. $800 was due January 29th, $4440.00 is due on April 10th for the airplane tickets, the remaining $2100.00 will be do before we leave for Africa. Should a miracle happen and I receive more money then the cost of the trip, it will be applied to Bibles.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please feel free to contact Liz or I via email or phone if you have any questions regarding my trip to Africa. Thank you for your prayers and concerns for me and my ministry.

His Servants,
Jason and Liz Williams

You can make contributions by clicking this link. Thank you once again for keeping my brother and his family in your prayers. He and Liz have five children. He is pastor at Coleman Baptist Church in Coleman, OK.

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