Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
What are your plans for the day?
Get to Wal-Mart by 11:00 to pick up FIVE cookie cakes, yes one for each table in my daughter's classroom. Those Kindergartners are going to have so much fun decorating a cookie cake with icing and sprinkles. Then at 11:30 I am meeting a new girlfriend for lunch. So excited to finally be meeting some of my daughter's friends parents. Then at 2:30 the big V-Day party at school. The Homeroom Mother job is so much fun! I love it. Of course, I will have the "Bundle of Blue" with me. "Blue" is so much fun and such a good baby. Believe me though, I really am glad that my two kids are big enough to walk around, feed themselves, and partially wipe themselves now. I don't have quite the mommy muscles that I used too. This will only be our second outing together. I kind of like staying at home and not spending money. So does my husband. 

And what exactly did I do that was crafty this Valentine's Day?

This of course was Pinterest inspired. The templates included lips and moustaches, but since we are soooo girly we just went with pink and red lips. It also included labels that you could personalize and print off on stickers, but we just used a glue stick.

Pretty cute, huh?

I think the thing that got me the most while making these is seeing her growing up. The time and care she takes with each project as she gets older. Sigh.
Oh, and the teacher's Valentine gift. So much fun. I actually put together one for my MIL's birthday also.
Have you seen these plates at Dollar General? Five Bucks.
Just made some cake balls and decorated them and hello, what a fun gift that keeps giving!
Now on to what I hope to get...
Peace and lots of LOVE. That's it. 
Have a wonderful ♥ day everyone!
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The Spin Cycle said...

Hi, Sharon! Stopping over from Sverve after our Downton Abbey chat. :) Love what you did for your daughter's celebration...and I am SO picking up one of those plates! 5 bucks? Booyah!

The Spin Cycle said...

Ahem...That's ShaRonda. Sorry. :)