Tuesday, February 5, 2013

100th Day of Kindergarten Fun

Today is my baby girl's 100th day of Kindergarten.
I couldn't post her pictures without first pulling out the scrapbook and taking a trip down memory lane to just six short years ago when my son was also celebrating his 100th day at the same school. 
 Remember scrapbooks? 
Hard to believe six years have gone by. Time is so precious. 
One way or another, I will get images scanned into this blog of mine.
Note: I did manage to repair the scrapbook page and keep his memories archived in it forever.

He brought home a hat that we had to decorate. Being that Kaybrie was just 8 days old, Jason and Braden put the hat together. Quite an imagination. Oklahoma was turning 100 years old in 2007. 100 stars for Liberty Stars, a $100 bill, and 4 quarters!

Kaybrie had to dress up like a 100 year old lady. This proved to be a little tough. We don't know any "old" ladies to borrow anything from. We hit the local Goodwill store. 

Skirt + Brown Sweater + Had to have matching purse = $15

Baby powder for gray hair= necessity at our house.
Pearls= must have accessory.
Makeup=must have cosmetic.
Suntan knee hi's= oh geez, couldn't believe I still had those. I decided they were over 12 years old!!! That's what happens when a former bank manger/officer is such a hoarder. Their not even sandal toed knee hi's!!!

I love the 100 days of school activities. Did your children celebrate? Did you post? .
If so leave me a link or picture in the comments and I'll come visit!

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