Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Unwrapping the Christmas Decorations

Kaybrie and I unwrapped our Christmas tree and packed away all that glistens and decorates our home during our favorite time of the year today. The only signs of Christmas 2012 left at our nest are the lights on the house which will remain until Monday- lights belong to Daddy Crow and he won't have a day off until Sunday/Monday. I even took care of the outside decorations.

In our home, it is typically the kids and Jason that put the tree together. In a hurry, with me handing over the ornaments I want on the tree. We do some reflection upon where this ornament came from or who made that one or why isn't that one going on the tree, but its not exactly a Hallmark commercial. Those moments are usually reserved for me, alone, on the day I unwrap my tree and wrap each ornament carefully and pack it away. A few tears may have even been shed today as I went through these ornaments.

This year, I packed everything away even more carefully. Prayerfully. In hope that we just celebrated our last Christmas in this home- our 9th. In anticipation that God will lead us into the direction of another, larger home to celebrate many more birthdays of our Savior.


Beth Zimmerman said...

Beautiful post! Praying God grants your dreams of a new home!

ShaRhonda said...

Thanks Beth. It's a goal of ours this year. I read somewhere that goals, just like people you pray for are best written down, that way you keep focus and always pray over.