Thursday, January 17, 2013

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Did you know there are deadly pins on Pinterest? 
Well, there are. Just like there are Pinterest failed recipes, there are pins that can KILL you. Last Thursday night, Jason wasn't following a pin, but during further research I found exactly what he did mix on Pinterest. 
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Beth Zimmerman said...

running right over

Beth Zimmerman said...

This reminded me ... When I was first married (y'know 33 YEARS ago) I was scrubbing the bathtub and decided to use bleach. I guess sponges were made differently then and you were not supposed to use bleach with them. First my sponge started getting warm and I thought it was just that I was working so hard. Then it got HOT! And finally it just kind of combusted. By then it was no longer in my hand! I also decided to pour bleach in the toilet bowl, that already contained toilet cleaner on time and caused an explosion. Yeah ... don't mess with the bleach!