Friday, December 21, 2012

A Very Pinteresting Christmas: Final Day

Today's Pinterest project is one I found some months ago and have had so much fun doing. 
 This time it's for the neighbors Christmas Eve gifts, along with a few other people on my list. 
Sure hope no one is reading. I've shared with you before here and here the how on this project. You just need a Cricut, Armour Etch, contact paper, a glass object and an imagination.
This time I chose a oil/vinegar cruet

Did a reverse etch, taped off the edges, I wanted straight lines.

Brushed on the etching cream, let it sit for one hour

Once I washed it off with soap and water, I filled it up with dish soap and it now sits very pretty upon my sink.
And soon upon several neighbor's!
I hope you all have enjoyed this series of A Very Pinteresting Christmas with The 4-Crow's. If you have any Christmas Pinterest Projects, please link them up. 
Merry Christmas from Our Nest to Yours!

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