Monday, December 10, 2012

A Very Pinteresting Christmas: Day 6

In the meadow we can build a snowman....
or at least I made a Grapevine Wreath Snowman! It's HUGE!
Brrrr...its cold. Thanks everyone for rubbing it this morning that my hometown of Wilson, OK got snow and Broken Arrow didn't! Really? You are always 10 degrees warmer, almost on the border of Texas and you get the first white stuff this year. Not fair. No worries, my kids are packing their bags now for Christmas and have decided to add their gloves, snow boots & scarves, because Nana will still have snow in 12 days! ;-)
Snow in Wilson this morning

Here is my Snowman Wreath lit up! I actually put this together last year and brought it out again this Christmas. This is the pin that inspired me. I have seen a lot of different versions floating around, small ones, and evergreen ones. They are all very cute, and so easy to make! My favorite thing about this one is it can stay out until the snow threat is gone. March 1!!! Maybe?

Here it is lit up at night!

What Pinterest Projects are you making this Christmas? Be sure to tune in each day this week as I bring you "A Very Pinteresting Christmas" Linkup and if you have any Pinterest inspired activities throughout the week, be sure to grab the above button and linkup your ideas! "A Very Pinteresting Christmas" will be 15 days of Pinterest inspired food, fun, crafty days of linkups that all can be used during this wonderful season of joy. It will run from December 3-21 here at The 4-Crow's. I hope you will join in on the fun!

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