Friday, December 7, 2012

A Very Pinteresting Christmas Day 5: The Party Part 5

A Very Pinteresting Christmas" Linkup with The 4-Crow's began Monday. This week I am taking all five days to tell you about the IRL Pinterest Party that I hosted in my home last Friday night. If I covered the entire party in one post it would be looong and very overwhelming so I am breaking it into pieces throughout this week. Today is Part 5: Door Prizes.

Day 1: Intro & Snapshots
Day 2: Party Food
Day 3: Drinks
Day 4: Crafts
Day 5: Door Prizes

As my friends arrived to the party I handed them one of these:

I found the original design of this card on Pinterest, and decided that I could change it up a bit. Have you used PicMonkey yet? Its my favorite photo editing tool right now, I keep finding new things all the time.  I just added the Pinterest logo, a caret, a Christmas border and some writing and sent it off to Walgreens to have printed on 4x6 photo paper.

While everyone was working on their trees- see yesterday's craft post. I went through the cards. The winners of my door prizes were going to be:

A. The Pinterest addict- the one with the most recent pin.
B. The Pinterest wanna be- the one who had ZERO pins.

We ended up with 3 winners. Kortney the Addict- who pinned 30 minutes before the party. Tamara who had a Pinterest account and has ZERO boards. Kendra who I still want to know WHY she came to a Pinterest Party since she isn't even on Pinterest. Really? She is now...

The winners received one of these: 

Christmas Cupcake Ornaments
I found the orginal pin here. No instructions. So I just made them myself. Later I found another pin that I had pinned, that had instructions that I might try next time. (She used a modge podge/glitter mixture, and also did ornaments instead of styrofoam balls.)

1. Plastic ornaments ( I used the sparkly white ones at Hobby Lobby 1/2 off)
2. Glitter
3. Cupcake liners
4. Elmers Glue
5. Red sparkle balls, Peppermint Balls & Peppermint Discs (Mini Tree section of Hobby Lobby)
6. Hot Glue

What I didn't show you was putting them into the cupcake holder. This was a task, until I figured it out. Elmers does not hold cupcake holders on balls. Hot Glue does. So since you have you glue gun out anyway, that's how you adhere the cherry/candy on top- make sure you put the hanger side up- glue your liner on the ball. Next time this should all come together easier, especially with the modge podge. I'm a messy glitterer. Yes, I think that's a word. LOL!

These ornaments are less that $1 each to make and served also as a centerpiece at my church's "A Christmas Gathering." They are now hanging on my tree and are fabulous. I think I might make more for my daughters birthday in January- party favors?

Be sure to tune in each day this week as I bring you "A Very Pinteresting Christmas" Linkup and if you have any Pinterest inspired activities throughout the week, be sure to grab the above button and linkup your ideas! "A Very Pinteresting Christmas" will be 15 days of Pinterest inspired food, fun, crafty days of linkups that all can be used during this wonderful season of joy. It will run from December 3-21 here at The 4-Crow's. I hope you will join in on the fun!
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