Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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Kaybrie at her Thanksgiving Feast at school! at The RHOK!

Today The RHOK kids are "cooking" up Thanksgiving Dinner.
See how they "think" its done. I've also included some recipes from 1984, from my 1st Grade teacher. Thanks Mrs. Chaney!

My kids have a few ideas, but thankfully I will be sending them out of the kitchen this  particular Thanksgiving for any of you who might be concerned.

Kaybrie age 5-  Little Cornbread box of cornbread, one box of milk, crack an egg- don't put the shell in. Put them in Mommy's big mixer bowl. Grab a big spoon. Mix it up. Grab a small spoon and put in Grandma's little muffin pans. Then let Mommy put it in the oven until its finished. I'm not allowed to touch it when its hot.

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