Sunday, October 7, 2012

Surfing in Stilettos Launch Party

I am not here today. 
(This post is going up Monday, UK time, which is six hours ahead of me here in Oklahoma. I want to make sure everyone gets to join in for a full 24hrs of shoe party fun.)

I have put on my party shoes and can be found at the fabulous Surfing in Stiletto party at Facing 50 with Humor. Make sure you stop by and congratulate my friend Carol E Wyer on her latest book, Surfing in Stilettos. If you haven't read her blog or her first book Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines, I encourage you to do so.
(Yours truly, was even featured during the launch of that particular book, LOL)
 I can't wait to continue to read more about Amanda Wilson and her mid-life, if 50 really is considered mid-life, adventures.
Come and join me for some fantastic prizes, surprises, and desirable shoes.
On that note...

Love, when my little miss plays dress up! 

My partying shoes...
Like 'em?
See ya at Carol's!

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Carol E Wyer said...

Very clever- use a cute little girl , a great quote and some fab shoes. I can see this Surfing in Stilettos contest is going to be a tough one to judge.
Really glad you are part of it today ShaRhonda and thanks for helping it be so much fun.
Hope you don't mind but I put the buying link for the US here too for you:

See you at the party
Carol AKA Facing 50

Suzy Turner said...

Pretty red shoes! I put on my neck breaking high heels... I'll be fine as long as I don;t have to walk... at all... anywhere!! lol

carol said...

Cute photo of your little miss. Magic moments.


ShaRhonda Crow said...

It just seemed "fitting" to put that little girl in those stilettos, since every time I get in front of my computer to write & surf she ends up getting the attention drawn right back on her. :-)

ShaRhonda Crow said...

Thanks Suzy, can't wait to see yours. I actually bought these for a mom dance in my daughters ballet recital, needless to say I ended up wearing my ballet flats. Although the ones she has on, I did wear the previous year to Beyonce's "All You Single Ladies"! Fun!!!

ShaRhonda Crow said...

Thanks Carol, You certainly don't want to blink at this age, that's for sure!