Friday, October 5, 2012

Reading with a Five Year Old- The Pinspiration Project

Today's Pinspiration Project is a little different. 
It doesn't involve food or a craft. 
Then how can it possibly be Pinteresting, you ask?
Pinterest isn't just about food or crafts, it is about the the things and interests that drive you. 
This Pinspiration Project involves my kids, my kindergarten daughter in particular, it involves books and reading. I love reading.

I repinned this pin about a month ago.

"Jumpstart’s premiere national campaign Read for the Record, presented in partnership with the Pearson Foundation, is one day of the year when millions of individuals come together to celebrate literacy and support Jumpstart in its efforts to promote early childhood education. On October 4th- yesterday, people across the country were encouraged to read the children’s book Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad, by David Soman and Jacky Davis." The book is still available to be read along with countless other well known titles. I cannot emphasize how much I love the site We Give Books, which was created by the Penguin Group and the Pearson Foundation and houses books for ages 4-10. My only complaint- its not Kindle Fire or iPhone friendly. It is perfect for the PC and I can only imagine how beautiful it is on those fancy classroom smartboards.

Kaybrie is slowly learning to read, she already knows some site words and she is participating in the Pizza Hut Book It! Program at her school. She must read/have read to her a minimum of 20 book each month and then will be rewarded with her very own pizza coupon. October is her first month participating in this program. This program has been active for 27 years and the site offers some amazing tips and resources.

I track the books I read and review them through an app called GoodReads. I have set Kaybrie up her very own shelf on my account. This acts as an accountability to myself and allows her a long term look to see what she has actually read. The app posts all books I read to Facebook, Twitter and here at The 4-Crow's. I hope that it also encourages other parents to read to their children and maybe gives them a recommendation of some fun and useful reads.

Next year, I hope that I am able to participate in the Read for the Record campaign in a larger capacity than just Kaybrie and myself. To be able to make a difference in early education and close the gaps of those children who are behind would be a huge service and blessing to my community.

On a scale of 0-5 pins, this pin find is a...

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Beth Zimmerman said...

Way cool! Reading to your child is an incrtedible investment in their future ... and your own since it creates a bond between you that you might otherwise miss! Love this pin! Thanks for linking up!

Achieving Clarity said...

Reading to small children is like buying insurance in their future! Good for you. This will serve her well and give you some wonderful memories!

ShaRhonda Crow said...

I agree. Last night's book was a little old for her, but it was so cute how she would ask what words meant and here her giggle at my explanation. Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting.

ShaRhonda Crow said...

You are very welcome Beth. Loving this link up. I couldn't agree more in the investment of reading in a child's future. Can't wait to link up next week.